Sladjan Mitojevic

Consultant, Recruiter, and Project Manager in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rencontrer un conseiller en sécurité financière, étant également courtier immobilier hypothécaire et courtier d’assurance agréé en assurance de dommages ,

Give me a call at 514-582-2760 or Let's Talk through video chat NOW.

How will you protect your family financially and save for your future? Where do you start? Let’s find those answers together.

The time to start building your future is now. Let’s get together to discover how to get to where you want to be.

Once you have a smart financial strategy for your future, why not share it with others and build a rewarding business?


Chartered Insurance Broker (C.d.A.A.)

- en assurance des entreprises et risques spéciaux
- en assurance auto dossier criminel;
- en assurance habitation dossier criminel;
- en assurance motomarine dossier criminel;
- en assurance bateau dossier criminel;
- en assurance moto dossier criminel;
- en assurance VR dossier criminel;
- en assurance motoneige dossier criminel;
- en garantie de remplacement;
- en assurance entreprises avec ou sans dossier criminel.


If these or similar situations have happened to you as
1) First time home buyer ?
2) Trading up or down ?
3) Buying a second home or rental property ?
4) Refinancing ?
5) Mortgage coming due ?
6) Need a second mortgage ?
7) Need a home equity line of credit ?
8) Want to consolidate your debts ?
9) Self employed and can’t prove income ?
10) Is your credit impaired? Maybe a recent bankruptcy, or consumer proposal?
11) Are you new to Canada?
12) Would you like to make the interest on your mortgage tax deductible?


  • Education
    • IFIM Business School
    • Concordia University
    • Université du Québec à Montréal
    • Ryerson University
    • University of Belgrade